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Taking advantage of the diversity bonus

In Collaboration, Diversity, Employee networking, Internal communications, Self-organisation by Elisabeth Schuller

Companies can significantly benefit from a diversity bonus. In order to do this, they need to bring together professionals with diverse backgrounds and diverse mindsets. When it comes to selecting the right people for teams and projects and to making meaningful connections, a long-term strategy helps. It is primarily Human Resources’ responsibility.  Until only a few years ago, a high …

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Technology alone is not enough – the digital world needs human contact

In Collaboration, Internal communications by Christian Fleckl

In the beginning, everyone saw it through the rose-colored glasses. Digitalisation opens up many new possibilities in everyday working life. However, more and more people find the dominance of technology disturbing. Especially because personal communication suffers as a result. Executives have a special responsibility when it comes to achieving a good balance between digital and personal exchange. Does technology help …

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Internal Communication: Networks for Improved Employee Motivation

In Collaboration, Employee networking, Internal communications by Christoph Drebes

For most leaders, “internal communication” is first and foremost about anchoring the strategic goals and messages of the company in their employees’ minds. But “good communication” is about so much more: the exchange of ideas amongst peers, the networking of employees and a value-oriented company culture. All of these factors play a massive role in an organisation’s capability for innovation. …

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From a “Work-Life Balance” to Genuine Fulfilment in Life

In Collaboration, Flat organisation, Meaningful work, Self-organisation by Corinna Drebes

Work-life balance is a key consideration for the average employee – yet the concept itself is a questionable one. Is a strict demarcation between “work” and “life” really the most meaningful way of addressing the subject? In reality, “work time” is also part of our lives – and arranging the two in the way that suits us best is a …

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“Companies need someone to play the role of matchmaker”

In Collaboration, Employee networking by Christian Fleckl

Collaboration is a key concept of the modern business world. Whether we’re talking about the development of new products, change projects or internal business processes, success is largely dependent on effective collaboration between employees. Management consultancy is committed to the guidance and development of people, organisations and collaborative relationships at an international level, and co-owner Michael Thiel has over …