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“Women in leadership positions show macho posturing for what it really is”

In Flat organisation, Leadership, Meaningful work by Stefan Melbinger

Employees are the most important resource at a company’s disposal – at least, that’s the official line. In reality, organisations are frequently dominated by an arrogance of power that leaves many employees reeling. According to Professor Stephan Laske, board member of German change management firm Transformation Management AG (TMAG), the guiding principle “Rank always wins” leads to a form of …

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From a “Work-Life Balance” to Genuine Fulfilment in Life

In Collaboration, Flat organisation, Meaningful work, Self-organisation by Corinna Drebes

Work-life balance is a key consideration for the average employee – yet the concept itself is a questionable one. Is a strict demarcation between “work” and “life” really the most meaningful way of addressing the subject? In reality, “work time” is also part of our lives – and arranging the two in the way that suits us best is a …

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Flat hierarchies: A fashion theme fails because of its implementation

In Employee networking, Flat organisation by Christian Fleckl

Flat hierarchies have become a fashionable topic in today’s corporate world: Employees at all levels should be involved as comprehensively as possible in decisions – and be able to make them independently wherever possible. As attractive as the idea may sound, it has hardly become a reality to this day. The top-down principle still retains the upper hand. What advantages …