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#StayAtHome – 5 ways to network in your home office

In Employee networking, Innovation, Internal communications, Leadership, Self-organisation by Charlotte Volk

Maybe you are sitting at your desk, the kitchen table, or perhaps even in bed? Covid-19 has created a new normal where everybody stays at home as much as possible. When you first switched to working from home, the idea may have sounded quite appealing for the first few weeks. However, many people have found it more and more challenging …

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Lunch breaks – combining networking and relaxation

In Employee networking, Innovation, Network, Self-organisation by Elisabeth Schuller

There’s a reason why networking is considered a factor for success: having good connections facilitates career advancement. And employers also benefit when their employees get talking to each other. In day-to-day life, lunch breaks are a great time to build contacts. More and more companies are aware of this fact and support their staff in expanding their personal networks, for …

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Mystery Minds releases new solutions to humanize the digital world

In Employee networking, Innovation, Silo thinking by Christian Fleckl

Enabling personal exchange and dismantling silos – these are the goals associated with Mystery Lunch. The platform for “blind dates” during lunch, however, was just the beginning. The company, founded four years ago as a start-up, is taking the next step: it is now operating under the name Mystery Minds GmbH and presents a new portfolio of tools. These bring …

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Work 4.0: A Threat to the Labour Force or a Space for Creativity Without Borders?

In Employee networking, Innovation, Silo thinking by Stefan Melbinger

Work 4.0: A Threat to the Labour Force or a Space for Creativity Without Borders?  Big data, robotics, artificial intelligence – all of these are technologies with the potential to permanently change our working world. The concept of “Work 4.0” plays a central role in this conversation. While many associate it with a fear of widespread job loss, others embrace …

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Serendipity – creating new innovations using the “principle of chance”

In Innovation, Serendipity by Christoph Drebes

Nobody likes the principle of chance when it comes to the success of their own business. However, in many areas, innovation and product development are almost impossible without surprising discoveries. The good news for skeptics of pure chance: the famous last grain can be brought about. Scientists use the English word “serendipity” to describe the development of new, disruptive ideas. …