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Interview with Dr. Jens Braak, physicist and owner of a management consultancy, on the topic of “Coincidences as a success factor”

In Serendipity by Christian Fleckl

“He who invites coincidences opens the door to luck” For Dr. Jens Braak, coincidences are a crucial part of career success. It is true that one cannot quantify the likelihood of lucky coincidences. But that’s not important for him either. Much more important is that one can invite luck if one is aware of the random factor. For the Mystery …

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Serendipity – creating new innovations using the “principle of chance”

In Innovation, Serendipity by Christoph Drebes

Nobody likes the principle of chance when it comes to the success of their own business. However, in many areas, innovation and product development are almost impossible without surprising discoveries. The good news for skeptics of pure chance: the famous last grain can be brought about. Scientists use the English word “serendipity” to describe the development of new, disruptive ideas. …