Mystery Coffee Referral Program

Mystery Minds Referral Program

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How to refer a friend to Mystery Coffee?

Referring to a friend is simple!
It works as follows:

  1. Please send us your referral to including
    – the name of your contact
    – your contact’s email address
    – and company name
  2. We will then check if the company and contact are a good fit for Mystery Coffee in a brief introductory call. We look for large organisations with more than 300 employees and a contact person within the HR department.
  3. If it’s a good fit, we will conduct a webdemo and send you a €50 Amazon voucher.
  4. If your referral becomes a Mystery Coffee customer, we will also send you €250 (for a company with up to 1,000 employees) or €500 (for a company with more than 1,000 employees).

How to claim your reward

For everyone who attends a webdemo from your referral, you’ll automatically receive:

a €50 Amazon gift card if the company is a good fit for Mystery Minds
an additional €250 if they become a Mystery Coffee customer (for companies between 300 and 1,000 employees)
an additional €500 if they become a Mystery Coffees customer (for companies with more than 1,000 employees)

The offer is valid in US dollars for referrals outside the European Economic Area (EEA) region. Your referrals will be considered a “good fit” for Mystery Coffee after they’ve attended a Mystery Coffee demo and it has been confirmed that they meet our sales qualification criteria. Likewise, your referrals will be considered a “customer” once they’ve officially purchased a Mystery Coffee subscription and signed a contract with us.

Any questions?

For more information or to inquire about the status of your referral(s), please reach out to the Mystery Minds Marketing team at