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From silo thinking to swarm intelligence – and thus creating digitization

In Employee networking, Silo thinking by Christoph Drebes

One for all and all for one – wouldn’t this mentality be desirable in everyday working life? But the reality is different in most companies. Often departments go their own way, interfaces to other areas are missing. At the latest with the emergence of digitalisation, now also large corporations want to get out of the silos and work like start-ups. …

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Serendipity – creating new innovations using the “principle of chance”

In Innovation, Serendipity by Christoph Drebes

Nobody likes the principle of chance when it comes to the success of their own business. However, in many areas, innovation and product development are almost impossible without surprising discoveries. The good news for skeptics of pure chance: the famous last grain can be brought about. Scientists use the English word “serendipity” to describe the development of new, disruptive ideas. …

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HR Trends 2017: Networking dissolves silos and advances projects

In Employee networking by Stefan Melbinger

The year 2017 will be the acid test for human resources managers. They face the challenge of successfully implementing major topics such as digitization and collaboration. The networking of experts is becoming a decisive and overriding task which also management is increasingly getting involved in. For companies, closer cooperation between departments is becoming more and more important in order to …

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Networking – From Enigma to Catalyst for Better Cooperation

In Employee networking by Christoph Drebes

It’s never been so easy to get to know new people – and yet it’s often still so difficult, in our private lives as in our professional ones. But it’s not only employees who benefit from better networking – it’s the companies who employ them, too. This is where Mystery Lunch – a platform that brings colleagues together for “blind …