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Job shadowing

With a job shadowing solution, your employees can look over the shoulders of others during their daily work and get to know different departments.

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Primary uses

Understand what other departments are doing

As part of the disruptive world of work, the meaningfulness of processes and procedures is often discussed. However, in order to understand the value of one's own work and that of the colleagues, it is important to look over each other's shoulders from time to time and to create an understanding of the activities of other employees. This not only helps employees better understand the tasks of others, but can also allow them to incorporate new perspectives into their own way of working. Through this interdepartmental exchange, internal knowledge silos are automatically broken down, and the emergence of a silo mentality is prevented. With the help of our solution, you can easily match colleagues according to different job shadowing criteria. You determine the key data for this individually for your company.


Job shadowing makes a difference

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Job shadowing is essential for passing on knowledge across departments.

  • 30%

    of employees miss opportunities to learn from tech-savvy colleagues

  • 150 billion euros

    of damage is incurred by companies annually due to repeated errors and duplicated work

  • 43%

    of companies are less able to innovate if knowledge and experience are not passed on

We offer

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch supports your employees in networking across departments over the course of a lunch together.

  • 30–45 minute meeting
  • On site
  • Location-specific
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Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee

The way to connect virtual and hybrid teams. With Mystery Coffee, we create a simple solution for personal exchange.

  • 15-minute meeting
  • Virtual and hybrid
  • Possible on an international basis
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What does job shadowing bring to companies?

A strong knowledge network

78% of participants would ask their matching partner for help in the future

Support with problem-solving

22% were able to solve a specific work problem with the help of their coffee match

More appreciation

Employees get to know and appreciate other roles through job shadowing

Orientation within the company

Networking helps employees get to know the tasks of other departments as well as contact persons

Breaking down the silo mentality

Knowledge and experience are shared across departmental boundaries, and knowledge silos are dismantled

Internal development opportunities

Internal development opportunities are identified, and talent is retained in the company