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A good corporate culture is essential for the success of your company. Design your tailor-made initiative to improve your corporate culture.

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Primary uses

Corporate culture as a factor for success

Corporate culture is one of the most-discussed topics in HR. A good corporate culture is not only important for employee retention and satisfaction, but also for an organization’s success. Various initiatives can help to sustainably build and promote a company culture. One solution is to implement informal networking between colleagues from different departments and locations. That way, all employees learn about and appreciate their role and how it fits with other roles and departments to support the company’s vision. This deeper understanding strengthens cohesion and improves collaboration. Together, we will design an individual solution to promote your corporate culture – whether in a remote-first, hybrid, or on-site context. You can customize the matching criteria to your company and tailor them to your internal initiative.


A good corporate culture is important

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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker), and studies prove exactly that.

  • 25%

    of employees resign due to corporate culture within the first year

  • 48%

    – that's how much higher the employee turnover is in companies with a poor corporate culture

  • 42%

    of all terminations in Germany in 2021 took place due to poor corporate culture

We offer

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch

We connect your employees across departments in a personal manner over lunch. Mystery Lunch is the secret to a good corporate culture.

  • 30–45 minute meeting
  • On site
  • Location-specific
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Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee

The way to connect virtual and hybrid teams. With Mystery Coffee, we create a simple solution for personal exchange.

  • 15-minute meeting
  • Virtual and hybrid
  • Possible on an international basis
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How do Mystery Minds solutions contribute to corporate culture?

A strong corporate culture

More commitment from employees due to a strengthened team spirit in the company

Strengthen employee retention

Networking among colleagues sustainably contributes to employee retention in the long term

Joint problem-solving

22% already solved a concrete work problem during their first Mystery Meeting

Sense of belonging

New colleagues quickly familiarise themselves with the corporate culture through networking

Increased motivation

53% of all participants feel more motivated than before after their meetings

A strong network

78% of participants would ask their Mystery Match for help in the future