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Successful onboarding

During onboarding, it is important to meet the new employees where they are, both professionally and personally. We have the solution for optimally integrating new employees into your company.

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Primary uses

Onboarding is essential for satisfied employees

Successful onboarding processes determine whether employees quickly integrate and feel loyal to the company in the long term. It is not only the technical part of onboarding that is important here: new colleagues need to be able to make contacts beyond the boundaries of their own department in order to get to know the corporate culture and feel comfortable in the company. We will help you to design your personal onboarding matching. You decide on the matching criteria and can, for example, link new colleagues with experienced staff, connect all new colleagues with each other, or pick those whose connection needs to be strengthened out for a buddy program. This way, you can optimise the onboarding process for everyone involved and ensure harmonious and efficient collaboration throughout the entire company.


Successful onboarding is important

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Successful onboarding is essential for successful integration in the team.

  • 20%

    of employment relationships already fail during the probationary period

  • 25%

    of employees resign within the first year due to the corporate culture

  • 88%

    of employees lack a good onboarding program

We offer

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch offers uncomplicated help with interpersonal and professional aspects of getting started in the company – over lunch, for example.

  • 30–45 minute meeting
  • On site
  • Location-specific
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Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee

The way to connect virtual and hybrid teams. With Mystery Coffee, we create a simple solution for personal exchange.

  • 15-minute meeting
  • Virtual and hybrid
  • Possible on an international basis
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How do our onboarding solutions help?

Employee retention

Networking among colleagues contributes to sustainable employee retention in the company

Improved corporate culture

Employees feel part of the company and are more committed

Rapid integration

Colleagues are actively supported in straightforwardly building up an internal company network

Internal networking

58% of employees feel better connected socially through their Mystery Meetings

Supports orientation

New colleagues quickly get to know other departments and also their contact persons

Quick problem-solving

22% already solved a specific work problem during their first Mystery Meeting