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Support diversity & inclusion initiatives

Diversity management and inclusion should be a high priority in every company. Meetings with colleagues are the perfect complement to your internal D&I initiative.

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Why D&I must succeed in the company

Diverse employees with different experiences and backgrounds generate significant added value for every company. Various companies have been shown to be more innovative and profitable. In addition, they have a competitive advantage over their rivals and have higher employee satisfaction and retention. But recruiting a diverse range of staff is only part of the job. New colleagues should also be integrated sustainably into the company and become part of the corporate culture. Our solution supports your internal D&I initiatives by bringing together colleagues who would probably never have met each other in their normal everyday work. We can individually tailor the matching criteria to your initiative.


Successful D&I management is important

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Diversity & inclusion is not only a temporary trend – it is a key issue for employees

  • 68%

    of employees state diversity as a criterion for their length of stay in a company.

  • 63%

    of employees expect diversity to be an approach in the future company strategy.

  • 21%

    higher probability of above-average profitability for diverse companies.

We offer

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch promotes interdepartmental networking of colleagues over lunch, which supports your D&I initiative.

  • 30–45 minute meeting
  • On site
  • Location-specific
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Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee

The way to connect virtual and hybrid teams. With Mystery Coffee, we create a simple solution for personal exchange.

  • 15-minute meeting
  • Virtual and hybrid
  • Possible on an international basis
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What effect does supporting your D&I initiative have?

Increased sense of belonging

Colleagues from different backgrounds feel they are a valuable part of the company

A strong network

78% of participants would ask their Mystery Match for help and support them in the future

Increased employee retention

Networking among colleagues in the company contributes to sustainable employee retention

Positive corporate culture

Employees feel part of the company, get involved and exchange ideas

Mutual support

22% were able to solve a work problem with the help of their match during their first Mystery Meeting

Increased appreciation

Getting to know other departments promotes appreciation for their work