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Connect hybrid colleagues

If not all colleagues work in the office at the same time, this can lead to problems. We find the ideal solution for bringing a hybrid team together – no matter where they work.

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Primary uses

Sustainably network hybrid teams

Hybrid work policies are currently the ideal solution for many organizations. Despite its many advantages, however, hybrid working also has disadvantages. It can cause colleagues who always or mainly work from home to feel excluded, because the office is still the place to make informal connections, whether that’s a casual watercooler chat or a coffee break conversation. Companies have to make sure that, wherever their employees work, every team member has the chance to connect with their colleagues and feel like part of the company culture. This doesn’t just lead to greater efficiency, but also to higher employee satisfaction. Our solutions for hybrid teams support you in effectively and sustainably connecting your employees – wherever they are. Whether for informal, virtual coffee breaks or for a networking lunch in the office.


Hybrid teams need networking

Female employees on a video call

In order to unlock the potential of hybrid teams, companies should actively promote networking.

  • 27%

    of employees feel that not being present in the office is damaging corporate culture

  • 64%

    of employees see the office as a space for exchange and collaboration in the future

  • 70%

    of employees who mainly work from home miss informal exchange

Use cases

Our solutions for hybrid teams

Promote your corporate culture

Connect employees and strengthen the corporate culture – no matter where they work.

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Enable knowledge sharing

Enable constant knowledge exchange in hybrid teams through targeted matching.

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Successful onboarding

Actively integrate new colleagues into the company by matching them with experienced team members.

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Job shadowing

Give colleagues an insight into other departments and tasks – on site or virtually.

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Connect hierarchical levels

Connect colleagues across hierarchies – no matter where they work.

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Support D&I initiatives

Enhance D&I initiatives in hybrid companies with personalised matching.

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