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Connect colleagues in the office

Although more people are returning to the office, personal exchange that goes beyond one's own team is often difficult. But it is so easy to connect employees.

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Two female employees talking to each other

Primary uses

Actively promoting employee networking

When people focus on their own tasks and teams, it can be tough to establish and maintain contact with other colleagues. Connections between departments are particularly valuable for companies, because they help to dissolve knowledge silos, promote the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences. As employees grow closer together, this has a positive effect on the corporate culture. A good corporate culture has often been shown to reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This not only saves costs, but also contributes to profitability. Together, our Connecting People Experts will find a tailor-made solution for connecting your employees. Whether you want to build bridges across internal hierarchy levels or between regional offices, over a shared lunch or by means of a casual coffee break.


Connected employees are important for company success

Female employees in the office in conversation

Even if employees work in the office, it is worth actively promoting networking:

  • 64%

    of employees see the office of the future as a space for exchange and collaboration

  • 77%

    of employees indicate that informal exchange strengthens their relationships with colleagues

  • 47%

    of employees who want to change jobs indicate corporate culture as the main reason

Use cases

Our solutions for networking

Back in the office

Network teams in the office again in a stronger and more sustainable way with a smart matching solution.

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Promote your corporate culture

Connect different departments and promote corporate culture.

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Support D&I initiatives

Actively and effectively strengthen D&I initiatives in the company through personalised matching.

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Successful onboarding

Allotting new colleagues a suitable onboarding buddy on site.

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Connect hierarchical levels

Open closed office doors and connect colleagues across hierarchies.

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Job shadowing

Colleagues from different departments look over each other's shoulders.

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