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Locked-in at home? Meet new colleagues with Mystery Coffee

Blog / 20. Oktober 2022 / bei Lisa Debatin
Mystery Coffee

Drinking coffee with colleagues is a highlight of the day for many people. However, with the advent of the coronavirus crisis, we can no longer carry on with our lives as we used to. For those of us with the ability to work from home, we can no longer cross paths with our coworkers – not to mention meet new colleagues. Mystery Minds GmbH is presenting an alternative to reconnect colleagues. Mystery Coffee offers an opportunity for colleague to virtually network free of charge.


It’s been four weeks since we have been locked at home – and for many of us the feeling is still foreign. While some of us may love working from home, others feel the ceiling is falling on their heads. Regardless of our preferences, there’s one thing everyone misses: friendly conversations with colleagues in the office or over a cup of coffee. This is one of the best ways to bring everyone in the office together, creating a brighter work environment for all. However, as was mentioned, the coronavirus has limited the extent to which we can interact.

The opportunity to get to know new colleagues from other departments has become a distant memory. Those who had previously used our regular Mystery Lunches to establish new contacts are particularly disappointed. Since meeting new colleagues over lunch is no longer available at many companies in the upcoming weeks.

Worldwide Virtual Networking with Mystery Coffee

Yet, with the help of technology we still have the ability to mingle with colleagues and enjoy coffee together. Mystery Coffee virtually brings colleagues together from their homes – even across borders and continents. Our company has decided to offer our service free of charge during this pandemic.

The concept of Mystery Coffee is similar to Mystery Lunch: Upon registration, an algorithm matches two people together for a cup of coffee. Then the meeting takes over video – for example via a video conference.

Informal Exchange of Information

Mystery Coffee provides a unique experience in contrast to other online meetings, conferences, and webinars. There are no specific agenda items, but rather it’s about having a casual chat over a cup of coffee. A common goal: Employees informally exchange and share with each other.

Mystery Minds corona crisis service provides participants with questions to break the ice, if they aren’t sure where to begin. Mystery Minds goal is to facilitate social interactions and provide a space for playful networking. If you would like to test our service, you can register now free of charge at www.mysterycoffee.com.Build networks via virtual coffee breaks. Mystery Coffee helps you to connect colleagues, foster collaboration, and improve cooperation. Learn more now.

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