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Mystery Lunch is where it all started. With several years of tried-and-tested success, the product matches colleagues from different departments for “random” lunch dates, giving them a chance to see the bigger picture within the organisation.



We believe that interpersonal knowledge exchange and a networked working style have a decisive impact on the success of an organisation and gives rise to innovation. Our creative solutions help you establish meaningful connections in your company, thereby enabling employees to access their full potential and take pleasure and enjoyment in their daily challenges.

About us
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Mystery Connect brings together conference
and event participants for personal exchange on
specialist topics and networking.

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Mystery Job makes it easy for colleagues to experience a day in another area or role within the organisation. It provides fresh air, new ideas and a better understanding of neighbouring departments.
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Mystery Mentor is a digital solution that brings together suitable mentors and mentees within an organisation. If so desired, it can also be used to plan “reverse mentoring”, giving old hands a chance to learn from digital natives.

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Mystery Coffee facilitates the networking of colleagues within the same department or project team. It’s designed to let them become better and more intensively acquainted.