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Back in the office

Many companies have returned to the office after working remotely, but this changes team dynamics. We provide solutions for reconnecting colleagues in the office.

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Primary uses

Employee networking is necessary

Many employees come back to the office with mixed feelings. This makes it even more important for companies to highlight the advantages of everyday office life. This includes, above all, personal, informal contact with colleagues on site. Clarifying a question while waiting at the coffee machine or discussing a project over lunch is productive and fun while strengthening relationships. These connections are essential for promoting an organization’s corporate culture and creating a strong sense of togetherness. You can easily integrate stronger employee networks into everyday working life through regular informal meetings, skill or knowledge sharing sessions, job shadowing, or other formats. We can help you to find the ideal solution for your team, so that everyone feels comfortable in the office and better connected to their colleagues.


Continuous exchange is important

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For employees who work in the office, the active promotion of networking is important.

  • 48%

    – that's how much higher the employee turnover is in companies with a poor corporate culture

  • 12%

    of an employee's working hours in the office are spent exchanging ideas

  • 67%

    of employees feel exchange with colleagues has a motivating effect

We offer

Mystery Lunch

Mystery Lunch

With our Mystery Lunch, we promote personal exchange and interdepartmental networking among colleagues over lunch.

  • 30–45 minute meeting
  • On site
  • Location-specific
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What is the benefit of networking in the office?

Mutual appreciation

Employees get to know and appreciate colleagues and their roles through networking

Effective problem-solving

22% were able to solve a work problem during the first meeting with the help of their match

Constant exchange of ideas

Due to the meeting, ideas and suggestions can be passed on across departments

Positive corporate culture

Networking creates a sense of belonging, and employees feel part of the company

Orientation within the company

Employees get to know people from other departments and their own specialist departments

Pleasant working atmosphere

If the colleagues know each other, a more relaxed relationship prevails