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Mystery Lunch goes on an HR Roadshow all across Germany

Blog / June 29, 2018 / with Christoph Drebes
HR Roadshow

Talent management is the topic of the hour. This is a great opportunity for HR professionals whose expertise is more in demand than ever. But they need the right technology to unleash their potential. At the HR Roadshow, a joint series of events organized by the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups (BVDS) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (DGFP), current HR developments and their relation to state-of-the-art tools will be discussed. About 20 startups present their HR innovations in the form of a 3:33 minute-long pitch – followed by a round of questions. Mystery Lunch is on center stage. 

Much has begun with the shortage of skilled workers, digitalisation has changed everything. Never before has the focus on talent management and Co. been as high as it is today. In addition to HR specialists, CIOs are now also involved in driving innovation to improve the efficiency of HR management.

At the HR Roadshow, start-ups exchange ideas with decision-makers from companies in an interactive setting. We already presented our ideas in Frankfurt and Cologne in May – and we will be there three more times with Mystery Lunch at the HR Roadshow when it says: Clear the stage for the technologies that pave the way for Talent Management. That also takes the current data protection rules into account – a central challenge not only since the entry into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And that enables the New Work to meet current trends and demands of Generation Y.

In addition to Mystery Lunch, other innovative startups from the HR sector will be taking part as participants. These include HRinstruments (smart tools for employee feedback and people analytics), Lunchio (mobile solution for intelligent compensation and tax-free benefits), Instahelp (online consulting by psychologists), or Talentz (talent sharing between companies).

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About the author:

Christoph Drebes

Christoph is an entrepreneur from Munich and co-founded Mystery Minds in 2016. Mystery Minds' mission is to make the world of work more human by creating meaningful, personal connections between colleagues. The remote-only team already works with over 250 international companies, helping them to strengthen internal networks and overcome silo mentalities.

Originally published on June 29, 2018 at 10:00 AM, amended on January 22, 2024 at 11:26 AM


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