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Connecting employees during COVID-19 pandemic

Connecting employees during COVID-19 pandemic

Client: DNV  

Goal: Connecting employees during COVID-19 pandemic 

Tool: Mystery Coffee

Impact: Increase in corporate identity, belongingness and motivation

“It is very important that we stay connected and find new ways of meeting new colleagues, being inspired and exchanging ideas to keep our competitive edge, as individuals and as a company.
At the same time, we must not forget to take breaks to maintain our resilience. Mystery Coffee is a great opportunity to do both.”

Gro Gotteberg
Chief People Officer


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of working routines and habits. Many DNV employees are still working from home, and thus missing an important element of the work environment:
Meeting new colleagues, networking, and sharing ideas. Sometimes the chat by the coffee machine or canteen area have sparked new, innovative ideas or brought helpful contacts to colleagues not in your direct team.


Mystery Coffee provides an opportunity to meet other DNV employees through a virtual coffee break. Meeting someone on the other side of the world, perhaps in a different business area, creates new possibilities to inspire collaboration and gain new perspectives.
From a resilience aspect, Mystery Coffee offers the chance to schedule a break in a busy calendar, solely dedicated to getting a social and energy refill.


Together DNV and Mystery Minds connected over 1,000 DNV employees across the world.
The initiative got very positive feedback from all levels of the organization. It is increasing our corporate identity, belongingness and happiness as quotes from our recent survey show:
“After every meeting, I still have a smile on my face for some time. I take the stories and experiences with me. Mystery Coffee is so enriching in many ways.”


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