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Connecting participants of the NetHope EU Chapter Meeting

Connecting participants of the NetHope EU Chapter Meeting

Client: NetHope 

Goal: Connecting NGO’s on the
European Chapter Meeting

Tool: Mystery Connect

Impact: Happy and more connected
conference participants

“We were very happy to have used Mystery Minds
for our Mystery Lunch session
during our February 2021 European Chapter Meeting.
It allowed our Members to meet each other in an informal
way and get to know each other.”

Morgane Bradley
Digital Community Manager


As all NetHope’s events are completely virtual, the organization was looking for a way to facilitate more virtual networking and “watercooler” moments.
The idea was to try and recreate (as closely as possible) the spontaneous interactions that attendees have during a conference when you meet someone at a coffee table or sit next to them for lunch.


We used Mystery Connect, our conferencing solution, to connect all the participants.
Every organization member could choose the day(s) of the conference for the match and in addition the possibility to have an extra match after the conference.
To ensure the “Mystery” in the connection, the participants told us their organization and country of residence.


Together NetHope and Mystery Minds connected members of different organizations and got positive feedback for the Mystery Lunch initiative.
The matches enjoyed the lunch conversations on a professional,
but also personal level!

Why is it important for NetHope to stay globally connected?
Find out more about their amazing work here

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