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Mystery Minds releases new solutions to humanize the digital world

Blog / October 11, 2018 / with Lisa Debatin
New solutions by Mystery Minds

Enabling personal exchange and dismantling silos – these are the goals associated with Mystery Lunch. The platform for “blind dates” during lunch, however, was just the beginning. The company, founded four years ago as a start-up, is taking the next step: it is now operating under the name Mystery Minds GmbH and presents a new portfolio of tools. These bring colleagues together across department boundaries and locations for brainstorming sessions, mentoring, job sharing or over coffee. The ultimate goal is to humanize the digital world.


Employees in large companies always encounter the same problems: When collaboration with colleagues from other departments is necessary, projects often stall. Mystery Lunch was developed with the aim of improving personal exchange across departmental boundaries and creating new interfaces. Within four years, 80 companies have established this new form of a business lunch. In this way, they enable better networks from which the whole company benefits.

Awaken hidden powers with Mystery Minds

The continuously growing pressure in the economy to innovate makes further-reaching solutions necessary today. It is about intelligent strategies and smart technologies – but above all about clever minds. Mystery Minds not only wants to create fast solutions – it also wants to awaken hidden powers. Because even the smartest mind does not develop good ideas overnight.

To make this possible, Mystery Minds has developed new Software-as-a-Service solutions with clear objectives: Enable more dynamism and increase creativity in meetings. Beyond departments, connect entire locations and countries. In the end, this results in better forms of cooperation and solid foundations for meeting today’s challenges.

  • Through Mystery Lunch, the classic of Mystery Minds, colleagues from different departments get to know each other over lunch. This format helps to break down barriers between departments. The 2-person lunch is used most frequently. Some companies also use group lunches for three or four people.
  • With Mystery Coffee, employees network in a relaxed manner while drinking coffee – either face-to-face or virtually across locations and national borders. With the “Virtual Mystery Coffee”, colleagues meet via video conference and exchange information on relevant topics. This is an advantage if direct contact is not possible without further ado.
  • With Mystery Brain, lateral thinkers come together for personal exchange and out-of-the-box thinking. They gather feedback or develop concepts together. All employees can create brainstorming sessions on a topic of their choice. This results in more efficiency and a new meeting culture.
  • Mystery Mentor enables the matching of mentors and mentees. Suitable connections are created via the platform. The algorithm also learns – for better matching quality. This creates a personal exchange between employees at different hierarchical levels.
  • With Mystery Job, employees get to know the work of a colleague from another department for one day. The visitor experiences a day with his host by looking over the host’s shoulder or perhaps taking on individual tasks. In this way, he gets to know the work in an area of his company previously unknown to him.

Building new bridges, overcoming barriers, and dismantling silos – these are the goals of Mystery Minds. The software tools lay the foundation for employees to learn from each other and to increase their ability to innovate. This is the only way for companies to remain competitive in a dynamic, globalized economy.

Build networks via virtual coffee breaks. Mystery Coffee helps you to connect colleagues, foster collaboration, and improve cooperation. Learn more now.

Originally published on October 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM, amended on January 22, 2024 at 11:23 AM


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