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Mystery Minds releases new solutions to humanize the digital world

In Innovation, Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung, Netzwerk, Silodenken by Christian FlecklLeave a Comment

Enabling personal exchange and dismantling silos – these are the goals associated with Mystery Lunch. The platform for “blind dates” during lunch, however, was just the beginning. The company, founded four years ago as a start-up, is taking the next step: it is now operating under the name Mystery Minds GmbH and presents a new portfolio of tools. These bring …

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“Women in leadership positions show macho posturing for what it really is”

In Flache Hierarchien, Führung, Sinnstiftende Arbeit by Stefan Melbinger

Employees are the most important resource at a company’s disposal – at least, that’s the official line. In reality, organisations are frequently dominated by an arrogance of power that leaves many employees reeling. According to Professor Stephan Laske, board member of German change management firm Transformation Management AG (TMAG), the guiding principle “Rank always wins” leads to a form of …

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Employee Engagement Summit in London: Do you inspire your employees – or settle for simply motivating them?

In Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung by Corinna Drebes

Employee engagement is about more than motivation. It’s about creating a network of colleagues who strive for the company’s goals. It’s about dissolving hierarchies for the good of the entire organisation, and it’s about genuine inspiration. These aspects and more were the subject of lively debates at the Employee Engagement Summit in London in May 2018, where experts from Spotify, …

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Internal Communication: Networks for Improved Employee Motivation

In Interne Kommunikation, Kollaboration, Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung by Christoph Drebes

For most leaders, “internal communication” is first and foremost about anchoring the strategic goals and messages of the company in their employees’ minds. But “good communication” is about so much more: the exchange of ideas amongst peers, the networking of employees and a value-oriented company culture. All of these factors play a massive role in an organisation’s capability for innovation. …

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Work 4.0: A Threat to the Labour Force or a Space for Creativity Without Borders?

In Innovation, Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung, Netzwerk, Silodenken by Stefan Melbinger

Work 4.0: A Threat to the Labour Force or a Space for Creativity Without Borders?  Big data, robotics, artificial intelligence – all of these are technologies with the potential to permanently change our working world. The concept of “Work 4.0” plays a central role in this conversation. While many associate it with a fear of widespread job loss, others embrace …

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Mystery Lunch at REDBLUE – A chance to see the bigger picture

In Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung, Netzwerk by Christian Fleckl

This article appeared originally on the website of redblue Marketing GmbH and has been republished here with the company’s consent. Mystery Lunch at redblue – A chance to see the bigger picture Mystery Lunch provides a way for colleagues who wouldn’t usually have chance to talk to come together and network over lunch – and it was an idea that …

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From a “Work-Life Balance” to Genuine Fulfilment in Life

In Flache Hierarchien, Kollaboration, Selbstorganisation, Sinnstiftende Arbeit by Corinna Drebes

Work-life balance is a key consideration for the average employee – yet the concept itself is a questionable one. Is a strict demarcation between “work” and “life” really the most meaningful way of addressing the subject? In reality, “work time” is also part of our lives – and arranging the two in the way that suits us best is a …

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Interview with Judith Quint, HR Development at the German Insurance Group Barmenia Versicherungen, on the Use of the Mystery Lunch Solution in Her Organisation

In Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung by Stefan Melbinger

“A tool for seeing the bigger picture and strengthening corporate culture.” Barmenia Versicherungen is one of Germany’s largest independent insurance funds. As one of the Wuppertal region’s biggest employers, it employs more than 1,500 employees at its Wuppertal location and more than 3,400 employees across the country as a whole. Employees’ ability to successfully reconcile work and family life is …

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“Companies need someone to play the role of matchmaker”

In Kollaboration, Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung, Netzwerk by Christian Fleckl

Collaboration is a key concept of the modern business world. Whether we’re talking about the development of new products, change projects or internal business processes, success is largely dependent on effective collaboration between employees. Management consultancy is committed to the guidance and development of people, organisations and collaborative relationships at an international level, and co-owner Michael Thiel has over …

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From Baby Boomers to Generation Z – The Best of Both Worlds

In Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung by Stefan Melbinger

The “baby boomer” generation is often accused of having a loose – at best – grasp on technology. This, of course, is an unfair representation: the internet was still a largely unknown entity when most of the pre-1965 generation commenced their working lives. Generation Y, on the other hand, can scarcely imagine a life without it, having grown up in …

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Networking – From Enigma to Catalyst for Better Cooperation

In Mitarbeiter-Vernetzung by Christoph Drebes

It’s never been so easy to get to know new people – and yet it’s often still so difficult, in our private lives as in our professional ones. But it’s not only employees who benefit from better networking – it’s the companies who employ them, too. This is where Mystery Lunch – a platform that brings colleagues together for “blind …