Clubhouse-App: How to get started as a company

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Everyone wants to be a part of Clubhouse. For days, social media has been flooded with posts and stories from influencers using Clubhouse and enthusiastically recommending it to their followers.
Clubhouse is now also considered an insider tip for B2B marketing. In this article, we would like to show what Clubhouse is, what it can do, and whether it makes sense for a company to use the app.

What is the Clubhouse app?

What is this Clubhouse app everyone is talking about? The app is a social-audio application for iOS where people can connect and interact in real-time. It is built in an audio-only format and completely relinquishes images, captions, and videos. People and businesses can bounce their ideas and concepts without the need for huge equipment or advertising. The hype of the app started with its exclusivity. But how do you get a Clubhouse app invite?

To join Clubhouse you need to know someone who is already registered on Clubhouse. Upon signing up, every person gets two free invites. Even if you don’t have an invite you can already register in the app. Registered friends will see, that you are waiting to join and might send you an invite.

How does the Clubhouse app work for businesses?

First of all, right now only the beta-version is available, which means there is no clubhouse app for android at the moment. If you are lucky enough to be an iOS user and you received an invite you can get started!

Why might Clubhouse be beneficial for your business?

  • Clubhouse and networking: You have the chance to connect with influencers and professionals outside your niche and initiate interesting brainstorming and idea exchanges
  • Clubhouse and social media: The app allows a linkage to Instagram and Twitter profiles. When discussing topics in the discussion rooms, you can easily refer to your other social media profiles and create social buzz
  • Clubhouse real-time talks: The real-time conversations offer high-value, as their content is rather spontaneous than pre-produced
  • Clubhouse and learning benefit: Clubhouse talks can help you to expand your knowledge within your and other industries to get a more holistic view of your business and customers

Is the Clubhouse app safe?

Before using new applications for your business, you should always think of safety. One safety issue might be the access to your contacts: To invite other people and to connect with your friends, the app needs to access your contacts. Hence, you should consider using a new phone without important business contacts to protect your client’s and business partners’ privacy.

If you think of using the phone provided by your employer for the personal use of Clubhouse this is the crux: Depending on your working contract can make you responsible for any possible data sharing of business information on the business cell phone with Clubhouse.

Clubhouse originally is a US app and therefore based on the US-privacy guidelines. These guidelines are not as strict as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe. Carefully read the terms of use before agreeing to it, to avoid any bad surprises.

To prevent violation of the app, all the conversations in Clubhouse are recorded and saved for a short term. When you think of making business connections, we hence suggest you use other communication tools to discuss sensitive business and strategy topics.

Clubhouse outlook

The founders of the app announced, that the app will soon be available for everyone, hence there will soon be no need anymore for an invite. This can be a chance for you to get your whole community on the platform.

Here are our ideas on how you could leverage this tool to create value for your followers:

  • Virtual Events: Due to COVID any events had to be canceled. Apps like Clubhouse can be a great accelerator for virtual events for your community. And the best part about it: everyone from your community can actively participate in real-time. This not strengthens the relationship with your community and customers, but also creates transparency for them.
  • Podcast Communities: In case you didn’t start a podcast yet, because you don’t have the equipment, neither the time to cut and edit the audio file, Clubhouse is a great alternative for you. If you already have successfully started a podcast, you can use Clubhouse to create a room for your community to interact.
  • Coaching and Training: Do you think that you could give something back to other people based on your experience? Then Clubhouse is a good platform to do so. In this way, you are creating value for your community, and people who perceive your business as valuable are more likely to be loyal customers.
  • Talent Acquisition: Discussing and interacting with your community at Clubhouse can help you to easily figure out talents in the industry. One problem of many HR people today is the talent acquisition of Gen Z and millennials. We believe that the right channel can help: Is there someone who really inspired or impressed you with a talk or opinion? Just connect with this person in a private chat room for an informal talk.

Is the Clubhouse app worth it?

We have discussed the problems which come along with the use of the app, especially when it comes to the privacy of your business contacts.

If carefully used and leveraged in the right way, the app can help you to create value for your community and customers through interacting with them and creating transparency. Overall, a good way to connect and engage with your community.

You don’t want to wait for a Clubhouse invite?

If you don’t want to wait for someone to invite you to Clubhouse or if you have safety concerns, no problem. We have a better idea for you: Connect with your colleagues or meet new people over  Mystery Coffee.

Virtual Mystery Coffee is a proven online tool, that allows you to connect with people within or outside your company and industry – without the need for limited invites. Its benefits go in line with Clubhouses: network, exchange ideas, get a holistic view of your company/industry, and expand your knowledge.

But with Mystery Coffee, you not only get the advantage of not needing an invite. Instead of spending time on which room and people to join, we are doing that job for you. We connect you with whatever kind of connection you are looking for, and you can get started, involved, and interact with your new connection right away.


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